4k Binocular Night Vision by Yashica Vision

Explore the dark corners of the world with unparalleled clarity, where the night sky reveals its secrets and the invisible becomes visible. The Yashica Vision binocular night vision transforms your night trips and offers a view of the night in color and with extraordinary details. This sophisticated technology is designed to improve your vision up to 600 meters in total darkness, which represents a significant advance in the field of night vision.

The YASHICA Vision brings the hidden wonders of the night to life with its 4K UHD color image function. Whether you are navigating the dimly lit streets of a city or observing wildlife on a moonlit shore, the device ensures that every scene is captured in great detail. In total darkness, the 3-level infrared emitter of the device lights up, revealing the secrets of the night without not found a single moment.

Early bird offers are now available for the creative project. At the heart of YASHICA Vision is a range of cutting-edge technologies that offer unparalleled performance. It uses infrared technology combined with artificial intelligence to refine the image processing, which results in a realistic color rendering and a wide dynamic range. The camera has a high sensitivity of 0.0037 Lux and a large F / 1 aperture that maximizes light capture and improves image quality. Equipped with a GalaxyCore CMOS sensor, it offers a native Full HD resolution of 1080p, and a scaling algorithm elevates it to 4K video and 58 megapixel still images.

4K night vision

The Yashica Vision is designed for endurance with its powerful 5000 mAh lithium battery. Adventurers can enjoy up to 16 hours of continuous process in color or up to 10 hours with the lowest infrared headlight setting. Even with the highest IR setting, the device provides 5 hours of power and ensures that your exploration remains uninterrupted until night.

Versatility is another essential feature of Yashica Vision. It’s not just for outdoor enthusiasts; it’s also perfect for indoor use in areas such as dark basements. In urban landscapes, in low light conditions, it provides clear visibility of objects and structures at a distance of 100 to 300 meters. For those who love the sea, at night it can detect ships and coastal features at distances of 50 to 600 meters.

Assuming that Yashica Vision’s fundraising campaign successfully increases the required insurance target and that the realization goes smoothly, the Global Expedition should take place in May 2024. To learn more about the Yashica Vision 4k binocular night vision project, watch the promotional video below.

YASHICA Vision is a step beyond traditional night vision devices, offering a vivid and detailed perspective of the night environment. It allows explorers, nature lovers and documentarians to push the limits of night observation. Each night excursion becomes an unforgettable adventure full of discoveries once shrouded in darkness. With the YASHICA Vision, the night is no longer an obstacle, but a new frontier waiting to be explored.

For a complete list of all available special commitments, stretching lenses, additional brackets and product specifications for binocular 4K night vision, visit the official page of the Yashica Vision crowdfunding campaign by examining the link below.

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