Auracast Is the Bluetooth Streaming Feature You Never Knew

Bluetooth is one of those perfect technologies that works so well that you hardly notice it. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and you can listen to music from your phone or laptop without getting tangled up in cables. Once you have paired your headphones, you don’t have to do anything. Turn them on and start listening.

However, Bluetooth can do much more than just transfer Audio from your phone to your headphones. One of the most impressive implementations of the power of Bluetooth is Auracast, formerly known as Bluetooth Sharing Audio.

Although the original name is quite heavy, it at least gave a hint about what Auracast can do. However, a key factor in the name change was that, although Auracast allows you to share Audio with others via Bluetooth, many other use matters have the potential to change the way listeners consume what seemed to replace public Streaming – Audio. What is Auracast, how does it work and what do you need to use it? Here’s everything you need to know about Auracast.

What Is Auracast?

The easiest way to describe Auracast is to say that it is a bit like the Bluetooth equivalent of Radio. Just like a radio, a single station can broadcast to an unlimited number of receivers. If you have a Radio, you can stop broadcasting at any time, and whether only one person is listening or a Million, the Signal remains intact.

Auracast works the same way, but uses Bluetooth. An Auracast transmitter can send an audio signal via Bluetooth, and any compatible device can receive it as long as it is in range. It doesn’t matter if one person is listening or hundreds, the signal quality and latency will not be affected. Several Auracast signals can be sent to the same place and users can choose the stream they want to listen to, just like when they choose the station they want to listen to on a Radio.

How does Auracast work?

An Auracast transmitter sends a Bluetooth Signal containing the audio data, but also identifying information such as the name of the show, the type of content, the audio codec used, etc. The broadcast can contain several audio streams for stereo sound.

A compatible device, such as a mobile phone or a smartwatch with the Auracast application installed, acts as an Auracast assistant that picks up and decodes these Bluetooth signals, allowing users to select the desired broadcast channel. The Signal is then transmitted to the Auracast receiver, such as a connected headset that plays the audio stream.

How can I use Auracast? 4 main advantages and opportunities

The possibilities of using Auracast are vast, but here are some of the most useful ones.

1. listen together, but don’t look: for example, imagine that you are in a games bar with several screens showing different games. If each screen is equipped with its own Auracast transmitter, you can select the Audio stream from the screen that you want to watch and listen to and watch the game. The person next to you can listen to a completely different stream at the same time.

2. getting relevant information (and hiding the rest): there are also advantages in the public space. For example, at an airport, there are a large number of ads, most of which do not concern you. However, Auracast allows you to set the broadcast for your specific departure gate, so you will only hear announcements related to the flight you are waiting for.

3. travel: If you are traveling with your family on a train or plane, you may want to Watch a Movie together. Auracast allows you to stream the Audio from your laptop so that everyone can listen to the Movie through their headphones. You can password-protect the Auracast stream so that only people with the password can access the stream.

4. Public speaking: It’s all too easy to miss parts of a presentation when you’re sitting in the back or the other people around you are too noisy. When you activate an Auracast stream of the audio from the presentation, you can hear everything that is said, no matter where you are sitting or the other sounds.

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